The more things change, the more they stay the same.

We’ve spent a lot of the past year discussing change in the mortgage industry.  Our conversations have centered around the CFPB, the changing face of warehouse lending and new capital requirements.  When we look to 2013, we still see a fair amount of uncertainty, in spite of the encouraging signs of recovery.

Even with all of this change, however, some principles will remain the same for mortgage lenders and brokers.  The first is one we all know:  ours is a relationship-based industry.  Now, more than ever, whether you’re using new techniques (such as social media) or good old fashioned shoe leather, you need to be networking as if the life of your business depends upon it.  Because it does.

My father used to tell me that only in networking can one throw a piece of bread into the water in order to get a corned beef sandwich back.  At your next seminar or conference, make contact with at least 3 new people.  Let them know what your business is looking for (and be willing to help those people find what they’re looking for–networking is a two-way street!).  I have yet to see an instance in which at least one of those three new contacts couldn’t at least make an introduction to someone able to meet your needs.

Alliances will only be more important in the coming year.  If you’ve fallen behind in your networking skills, now’s the time to sharpen them!

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