Our clients are all mortgage bankers– We help them grow.

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Flexible Warehouse Facilities

The most important outcome for us is matching you with the right warehouse lender.

Flexible Warehouse Facilities

“Getting the right warehouse line for most mortgage bankers can be an excruciating experience. We make the pain go away.”

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New Aggressive Alliances

We will introduce you to companies who will expand the products you sell and add to your bottom line.

New Aggressive Alliances

Hitting a wall with your resources and not knowing where to go is commonplace. We knock the walls down and will introduce you to our “Can-do Contacts.”

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Capital Infusion and Exit Strategies

We unlock the valuable doors that need to be opened.

Capital Infusion and Exit Strategies

The biggest obstacle in growing for an existing Mortgage Banker is lack of capital. We can introduce you to our contacts who will make this concern go away.

We are the synergy between your mortgage banking business and our professional vendors

Each of the Warehouse Banks to which we bring business provides different types of specialties. Our job is to take our mortgage banker clients to banks that meet their needs.

The Business Loan Connection specializes in introducing financial institutions and private sources of capital to our mortgage banker clients.

We do business with many banks and Mortgage Companies who are looking to expand what they do and form new alliances. Our job is to help you determine what you need and introduce you to a company that will help you grow. We know the business, and we know its players. Let us use our experience to your advantage.

Are you a mortgage banker?

Using The Business Loan Connection to secure a warehouse line for you will save you time and match you up with the bank that meets your needs.

Please note that using us costs you no out of pocket money and presents you and your company in a very professional manner.

Please complete this questionnaire so that we can understand your needs. Then, let’s set up a good time to talk. We pride ourselves on our quick results.

Are you a Warehouse Bank?

We are currently expanding the group of banks to which we introduce our mortgage banker clients. Please fill out this brief questionnaire so that we can understand your needs. Then, let’s set up a good time to talk. Please note that we vet our clients before we introduce them to any of our banks.

You will find it very worthwhile to do business with our company as we will be bringing you fresh candidates that your group hasn’t connected with in the past.

To begin, simply fill out our brief questionnaire.


Meet Our Connections

Every mortgage banker’s needs are different. Some have limited capital and some have more than they need. We know who is out there and we pride ourselves on introducing you to the best fit to help you grow your company.

Our warehouse banks have the following capabilities:

  • Allow unique take out investors
  • Specialized Products
  • Carve out for hospital lines
  • Carve out for servicing advances
  • No haircut
  • Specialize in Security Issuers
  • Allow lower Credit scores
  • Give credit for compensating balances
  • Late cut off times
  • Seasoned back room vs. new in business with little or no experience
  • One-time close
  • Fix and flip
  • HELOC/Seconds/Home Equity loans

We recently arranged for a very active Mortgage Retailer to broker a very specialized product to a well-capitalized Mortgage Banker. The result is one hundred million dollars per month of new production.

We have end investors who are able to offer our Mortgage Banker clients unique products plus a warehouse facility to house them.

Required capital levels and cash positions are always changing. We deal with companies who are able to make capital available to your company which can keep you in business and allow you to grow.

If you would like to sell your successful Mortgage Banking Company one day it is most important to design your company with this in mind. We can introduce you to experts who will access each one of your departments to advise you of what you need to do to become attractive to an institutional buyer.