The professional, results-driven approach of The Business Loan Connection provides unparalleled benefits to both financial institutions and businesses. We provide access to financial institutions that offer the following:


    • We match our clients with lending facilities that fit their specific profiles.
    • We provide same day analysis regarding feasibility of a credit request.
    • The Business Loan Connection remains involved throughout the entire submission process, providing creative solutions to enhance our client’s package.
    • We monitor the status of our client’s applications in order to ensure fast and efficient closure of loans.
    • The Business Loan Connection uses both traditional bank lenders as well as private investors to broaden the opportunities for our clients seeking access to credit.
    • Results are the key to our success. We are only compensated if our client’s loans close.


    • We present packaged loan requests that will meet their requirements.
    • We enhance their deal flow at no additional cost.
    • We are compensated by our clients, not the institution.
    • We assemble the necessary paperwork so that our submissions can be delivered on a timely basis with all appropriate information included.
    • We understand that lending institutions are seeking more than just a transaction. We encourage our clients to consider using their lenders as their primary banking source.