What we do is actually very simple. We connect lending institutions with quality mortgage banker borrowers. Of course, not everyone can do this. It requires experience, an understanding of what it takes to succeed at all levels of the mortgage industry. A broad network of industry connections never hurts, either.

  • We begin by asking the our Mortgage Banker clients to fill out a brief Questionnaire so that we can learn more about the business and its financial needs.
  • We then conduct a brief phone interview. It is important that we understand our clients and their needs in order to align them with the best fit.
  • If it becomes clear that we are a good match, The Business Loan Connection will send the borrower a contract detailing our services.
  • Once we receive the signed contract, we will review and package the request in a highly professional manner and send the package to the institutions we have identified as strong matches.
  • The Business Loan Connection will then contact those institutions and walk them through the submission to ensure that they have a complete understanding of the business and its credit needs.
  • Once we receive a commitment, we will connect the borrower directly with the lending institution. The Business Loan Connection will remain in constant communication with both the lending institution and the borrower, and will monitor the progress of the loan request until its closing date.